Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blog Headers

Okay so over the past few days I've been designing away, in a creative frenzy!

I thought I'd put up the results here so you can use them if you so wish.

I haven't watermarked them because that would ruin the appearance, and since they're there for you to download (simply right-click, and click "save as...") and put up on your own blog, there's no link backs or anything.

The only condition I stipulate is that if you do wish to use one, I would really appreciate it if you'd just leave a quick comment saying so.

It's just nice to see where my work goes and what things look like when used.

A quick note about the style: I am quite minimalistic, that's just how I like to make stuff. Also - most of these are 718px by 300px.  I find that 718px in particular is a good width for the headers - especially if you code padding into either side (see my own header for an example). But this is based on my own profile which is 740px in total width. If you have a profile which is wider or more narrow than mine and would like me to alter the headers accordingly, do let me know and I'll do my best.

Oh, also, a quick disclaimer: I used Photoshop to create these headers. I have an enormous collection of brushes on there which I've downloaded from various websites. I do not know where I got some of these brushes from so can't credit the designers, for which I apologise. If any of the original designers see their brushes used in any of these images and it offends you in some way, please do contact me and I'll remove the image, or credit you underneath.

Enjoy :)

Birthday Card Design

Thought I'd show you a card design I came up with this evening.

Part of yesterday was spent trying to find a birthday card for my friend, with no luck.  I'm just too specific about what I want and very very fussy. Often I'll find a nice card and it'll be ruined by one little detail.

So, my solution was to design my own!

This is the basic design - but please bear in mind it'll have lots of little embellishments on the actual thing once it's printed etc.

I will post another pic of the actual thing when it's finished :)

I know this is very minimalistic but that's my style - I just like simplicity and understated elegance.

Hope you like :)

Hellooo there!

So on a complete whim I've decided to set up a new blog based on my creative endeavours :)

I will post a range of content... whatever I've made, really, and I just hope that you like it.

Where I have provided the code or permission you will be able to use my content for your own blog etc - in other posts I will just be "showcasing" my work.

Whichever you happen to be looking at, please feel free to leave comments and constructive (!) criticism, it's always gratefully received.

Much love
Charlotte x